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About Libéma
About Libéma

Libéma: large leisure chains in the Netherlands with 23 venues 

Libéma is a large leisure chain with 23 venues throughout the Netherlands. The business consists of three divisions Amusement Parks, Holiday Parks and Exhibitions & Events. Some of the venues bearing the Libéma name are: The Beekse Bergen Safari Park, Klimrijk in Brabant, Brabanthallen in ’s-Hertogenbosch, Omnisport in Apeldoorn and the Beekse Bergen Holiday Park. Thanks to the diversity of our venues, Libéma offers a wealth of possibilities for both families and the business market.

Mission: 'You have the best time with Libéma'

Every year Libéma welcomes around five million visitors and guests to their amusement parks, holiday parks, exhibitions and events locations. Our mission is to help our guests to have the best time at Libéma venues. By 'the best time' Libéma means: quality, involvement, an honest and open atmosphere, smiling faces, professionalism and feeling satisfied. The added value from our venues and staff ensure that guests feel welcome, they have a unique experience and get more than they expected.

Libéma's activities

Libéma's main activities are the development, building, financing, operation and management of recreational properties. This includes, for example, building animal houses, management of our six amusement parks and financial support for events. But we don't do this alone, because at Libema we partnership is of paramount importance. That is why we're open to collaboration, whether in a joint promotions and sponsoring context or in helping to come up with ideas and providing support for organising events.

Events organisation companies of Libéma

Libéma has four events organisation companies for organising events in the accommodations of Libéma.

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Holiday Parks

Libéma has holiday parks and group accommodation properties, where pleasure and relaxation reign supreme. »

Amusement Parks

Libéma's seven amusement parks have been attracting numerous visitors for years, bringing pleasure to young and old. »

Exhibitions and Events

Libéma has over 10,000 square meters available for your event, exhibition, concert, congress and more. »